Gene editing our way to a Utopia

Let’s First Dive into Sequencing!

These are the base pairs in our DNA. Throughout the article, Thymine is referred to as “T”, Adenine as “A”, Cytosine as “C” and Guanine as “G”. Source
This is what the shotgun method looks like

So What is CRISPR?

This image gives over the PAM Proto-Spacer (base pair ending of GG) and the CAS genes that will be present in the CRISPR Sequence. Source
Streptococcus Pyogenes. Source
It’s nice to think of CRISPR as a scalpel to remove certain strands of DNA. Source

What about other CAS Protiens?



Capabilities The capabilities of gene editing are truly endless.


Similar Ventures

Gene Editing as a whole

Companies Pursuing this Field

Potential Downsides




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